Q. How do we go about getting plants?
A. Contact us and we will discuss your requirements, make recommendations and organize a quotation and discuss delivery and collection details.

Q. What about plants? Are there minimum orders on what we can have?
A.  Yes we have minimum order of 6 plants for events/functions.

Q. Where do our plants come from?

Just about all of our the plants are grown in our nursery in Maida Vale. If required we will sourced from other WA or interstate plant nurseries. We strive to provide healthy thriving plants ready for use indoors and outdoors.

Q. Are they real?

Yes all of our plants are living plants.

Q. Are there different styles of pots?

For the indoor plants there are a range of pot options from white, black, charcoal and terracotta, square, rounds and trough / planterboxes, ratten & seagrass baskets.

For the outdoor plants most are planted in there display pots which are either terracotta, black and white. We also have white or coloured pot covers available.  See our website for photo’s of the pots available.

Q. Will the pots leak?

Our indoor  plants are all placed in quality display pots ensure that they will not leak and there will be no mess.

Q. Where is your nursery located?

Our  nursery is at 131 Hawtin Rd Maida Vale you are most welcome to come and have a look at the plants and equipment/ accessories contact us to make an appointment to view.

Q. Will you provide recommendation for plants?

Yes happy to make recommendations for what will work best. Send through a photo or floor plan and we can go from there.